About me

Hi, I am Prajakta. Among other things I happen to be a mom of two lively kids and a cookery
enthusiast. This is my blog devoted to food and cooking.

Food can be nutrition. It can assuage hunger. At a higher level it can be a feast for the eyes and
soul. One can revel in food because it is one joy that lasts for life. I believe food should be
nutritious, delectable enough to make you want to gorge, appear beautiful so it becomes a
delight to behold and each bite should be scrumptious. My cooking is experiential and

As a dyed in the wool Maharashtrian I delight in traditional recipes that have stood the test of
time. My blog features quite a few of these recipes that are truly Mejwani or a daavat of delight
for the spirit. At the same time I venture into fusion cooking, imbuing my dishes with generous
infusion of other cuisines to bring something fresh to the table. Each meal can be something
new even if ingredients are the same. Let your mind and heart be free and experiment instead
of simply following a routine, is my credo.

One should enjoy cooking. This is my firm belief. It shows in the dish and its taste and flavour as
well as texture. Today’s lifestyles dictate hurried cooking but, if you take time to lavish love on
preparing food it will look and taste better. You and yours will love to each food prepared with
love. It shows in their happiness. Do it on a holiday. What do you think?

I am not perfect. I learnt from my mother how to cook. I committed blunders and learnt from
my mistake and from the wisdom of my mother and grandmother. I experimented and it was
fun too. Sometimes, the results of such experimentation are not what you expect but one learns
and goes along learning what works and what does not. Learning never stops and that is the fun
of cooking where permutations are endless.

Do try my recipes. Let me know what you thing. If you have something different to suggest I will be happy to try it out.

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