Strawberrty-Yogurt Pops

Strawberry-yogurt popsicles is easy to make, fun and a perfect recipe in summer. You can replace strawberry with banana, watermelon, blueberry or any other fruit that can be frozen easily.

Cooking Time :
15 minutes
Serves : 2
Ingredients  :
•    ¼ cup strawberries, diced
•    2 cups Greek vanilla yogurt
•    ¾ cup strawberries, sliced

Recipe :
  1. Puree ¾ cup greek vanilla yogurt and ¾ cup sliced strawberries to a smooth puree.
  2. Now all you need to make layers of your popsicles.
  3. Put 1 tsp cubed strawberry, 1 tsp vanilla yogurt, 1 tsp pureed strawberry-yogurt. Repeat until the mould is full.
  4. Cover the mold and insert the stick. Freeze overnight.
Tip : You can add sugar, if the strawberries are sour. Taste it once before to you pour in the mold.

How to Remove Popsicles – Keep the molds under warm water for 10 seconds and try to remove popsicles carefully. If they don’t come out, run again for 5 seconds and enjoy immediately.

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